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5 Necessities for Traveling With Your Cat

Cute cat on coach - Pet Wants Permian Basin
  • 28 November 2017
  • Pet Wants

If you’re planning to travel with your cat, here are the five necessities to make your trip a success:

1. Prepare Your Cat

For a road trip, the best way to prepare your cat is to help it get used to being in the car. Going on a few drives that last about half an hour will help your pet know what to expect. If you discover that your cat has issues with motion sickness, you can talk to your vet about potential medications.

Since you can’t do the same type of trial runs for flying, the best preparation is to get the right type and size of carrier for your cat. Then let your cat spend some time in it to help put your animal at ease. Also consider giving your cat a calming treat to help soothe him.

2. Check Your Cat’s Tags and Microchip

In the event your cat ever slips away during your trip, accurate tag and microchip information will maximize the odds of your pet being returned safely. Take a few minutes to check the information on both items and update if any details are out of date.

3. The Right Eating and Bathroom Schedule

The next necessity for traveling with your cat is knowing how to handle eating and going to the bathroom. The ideal approach is to have your cat eat a few hours before leaving. Then you’ll want to give it some time with unrestricted litter box access. Throughout your traveling, make sure your cat always has an opportunity to eat, drink, and go to the bathroom at least once every eight hours. Be sure you have a leash and harness to keep your cat secured outside.

4. Plenty of Food

Speaking of eating, another necessity is packing plenty of food. You’ll want to think about how many days you’re going to be gone, and then bring along enough food based on the normal portions your cat eats. And because there’s always a chance of your plans getting changed, bringing along extra food is better than running out while you’re away from home. If you’re traveling by car, pack a bottle or jug of water as well.

5. Other Essentials

Last but not least, you’ll want to gather up a few more essentials for your trip. If your cat has a favorite blanket or other item that smells like your home, bring it along. You’ll also be very glad to have a litter scoop and plastic bags with you during the trip.

By putting these five necessities on your travel prep list and taking care of each one, you can set the stage for a wonderful trip with your cat!